Tougher Pressure Pump & Vacuum Pump for Markem Imaje Pigment Ink

For Markem Imaje CIJ 9040 or 9450C printer, which may apply colored pigment like white, yellow ink, the standard ENM5629 pressure pump and ENM4259 vacuum pump for black ink won’t be strong enough to deal with the sticker colored pigment. If you put on a standard pump on a pigment MI printer, it will work for a while, but then stop working.

Then we launch a tougher version of pressure pump & vacuum pump for the colored pigment Markem Imaje printers. They are with a black coating, which is chemical resistant and also with a stronger core, which is able to work perfectly with the sticky pigments.

These tougher pumps cost more, but you will see their value when you use them.

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