Hitachi MV9 Refurbished or Original New Available

Hitachi continuous inkjet printer is very robustness, seldom do we need to replace new spare parts for it. One of the mostly sold spare parts is the MV9 valve, apart from the pump membrane & main filter. We have two options for you if you are going to buy a Hitachi MV9 valve, one is original new, which costs a little bit more expensive, and I think it costs the same if you purchase from local Hitachi CIJ printer dealer; the other one is original refurbished, it’s a second hand spare part, we have it cleaned & tested before putting it on market. Either original new or refurbished Hitachi MV9 works perfectly smoothly. It depends on your budget and personal preference to choose one of them.

Speaking of MV9 valve, the net filter for MV9 is also available too. Please feel free to contact us if you need more info of compatible/original Hitachi CIJ printer spare part/liquids.

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