Your Refurbished Ink Core Doesn’t Work

Yesterday I just received a feedback from a client who has purchased a refurbished Videojet 1220 ink core 4 months ago, he messaged me that when he installed the refurbished ink core in his Videojet 1220, nothing happened, the ink core wasn’t working at all, no ink was refilled in it, its tubes must be blocked. It’s a little bit odd, because the tubes are new, we replaced all of the used tubes to new one in case ink dried up during transportation and blocks the ink passing through it. So the problem must be something else other than the tubes. I asked my client to take a picture of the ink core and the ink module as well, so he did. Then voila, we spotted where go wrong, it’s not the refurbished ink core, but the valve on the back of the ink module.

Each refurbished part will be tested before delivery, such as the Videojet ink core, pump head, Markem Imaje IC 60, boards, print head etc, and we will send the test video to you for final approval too. However, when you find there is something wrong with the refurbished item you received, please feel free to contact us, we are always happy to help.

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