Let’s Make the Purchasing of CIJ Parts Easier

Sometimes we have to order CIJ printer parts without part number, especially, the screws. There is a part number for each of them, but honestly, who would really remember the part number of a screw or refer to the user manual to find it out. Here is a smart way to let us make this screw purchasing process easier.

  1. Send us a picture indicating which screws do you need
  2. For different types of screw in the picture, we mark 1, 2,3 … to tell them apart
  3. Quotation & pictures of our compatible screws will be sent to you for confirmation
  4. Will label 1, 2, 3 on the packing according to the picture so you could tell them apart

By giving each spare parts on the picture an easy identification number, and label them with the exact number on packing before delivery, makes the purchasing process more convenient for both you and me. Please feel free to contact if you have any inquiry.

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