Flash Card EPT019977SP for Ax Series Available

EPT019977SP Flash Card Original New
EPT019977SP Flash Card Original New

There are quite a few clients ordering this flash card for their Domino Ax printer. We have the orginal new one and here are some tips for a fast purchasing experience.

  1. Please let us know your Ax model, is it A150i or A350i?
  2. Please let us know the ink model, like 2bk106, 2bk124 etc.

The program inside is slightly different catering to each model, so if we know your Domino Ax printer better, we could therefore quote faster.

Apart from the flash card, we supply compatible and original spare parts for Domino Ax sereis, V series CIJ printer, please feel free to drop us an inquiry with part number or pictures. We will quote to you asap.

For more information, please reach out to us by filling in the contact form below.

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