Your 8900 RFID is Too Expensive

We’ve been selling the compatible 8900 RFID for ink and solvent since early 2021 and so far no complaint received, until recently. A new customer asked for a quote and swear our RFID price is way much higher than others, but as he is looking for RFID that works on 8.3 version software, so he would try to buy some samples from us.

I was astonished when I heard that our RFID costs around 40% more than others, for it actually can’t cover our cost if I lower 40%. So I ask our tech how come there is such a big difference in the price gap.

For starter, we guarantee that all of our RFIDs are with program different to each other, which means the 8900 will treat each of it as a new RFID. As we know the 8900 printer reads the program in RFID and decides if it works or not. Each program should be new to the 8900 printer, or else printer will reject the liquid with same RFID program sticked on it.

Secondly, about the life span of the RFIDs. For ink RFID, life span will be 18 months, whilst life span of solvent RFID is 24 months, from the date we program it. Usually speaking, it takes about 1 to 2 weeks for us to program and deliver the RFID to you, with the leadtime into consideration, there is still enough time to store the RFID and use them later.

We’ve recieved your request for lowering the RFID price, and we will try our best to meet with your request. Please feel free to drop us an inquiry with the liquids model number and quantity, we will offer a good price to you.

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