You Need Someone Familiar with Videojet to Install the Refurbished Ink Core

We offer Videojet ink core refurbish service, also sell refurbished, original or compatible new Videojet ink cores, including model 1220, 1510, 1520, 1610, 1620, 1710 etc. But after the ink core reach your place, you will need to install it by yourself or by your technical team. We highly recommend that you should find someone who with adequate experience to install the ink core. Despite it’s not rocket science, other problems may pop up when you installing the ink core, which are not related to the ink core at all.

We understand that this happen quite often, for we encounter such situations from time to time. Problem may appear after the printer was shut down for a while. We could provide online step by step guidance to help solve these problems, but please do send someone familiar with the printer to chat with us. We are happy to fix problem together, happy customer means more business, but it goes too far if your service person ask how to follow the steps even after a video was sent.

We are a team of nice people who are always ready to help, but please do let someone who are familar with the printer to solve the problem together.

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