Two Qualities for 451867 Hitachi Main Filter

Compatible Hitachi spare parts are expensive, as some of you feedbacked. Why compatible main filter for Domino or Markem Imaje costs $10 each, while the one for Hitachi costs so much more.

For starter, the component of Hitachi ink is rather different from others, the raw material we use to produce the compatible filter is therefore more sophisticated, which leads to the higher cost.

Compatible 451867 Hitachi Main Filter
Compatible 451867 Hitachi Main Filter

Now we have modified the components of the raw material, to make a less durable but budget-saving comptible 451867 main filter. When I say less durable, I mean under normal working condition, if you clean & replace the filters every three to four months, the budget-saving filter will be your first choice. If you prefer a longer service period, then a better quality main filter could save you so much work.

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