There is a Pump Head for 9450 Printer

Can you make a special bean like hole on the ENM5629 pump disk this time? It took me great effort to revise the hole, it’s a delicate job, I have to do it myself. My client Kevin said to me when he is placing a new order. I wonder what a bean like hole is, for I have been selling ENM5629 pump head to him for a long long time, and the holes on the disk are of round shape.

As Kevin also orders a A40988 draining and rinsing kit, I reckon instead of ENM5629, a pump for Markem Imaje 9040 printer, he is actually looking for a pump for MI 9450. So I send a picure with both pump heads for 9040 and 9450 to him, and ask if he is maintenancing a 9450. It turns out my guess is correct.

Kevin is indeed maintenance a Markem Imaje 9450 printer. But he doesn’t know we have a pump head EB-PP0123 special for 9450 printer, so he ordered an ENM5629 and re-size the hole by himself, hoping it will fit in the 9450 printer.

A potential after-sales problem is prevented due to good communication. I delivered the EB-PP0123 9450 pump head to Kevin, which costs the same as ENM5629 pump head for 9040.

Please feel free to detail what you are looking for, we may have the right comaptible spare parts for you. Drop us an inquiry now.

9450 and 9040 Pump Head for Black Ink Printer Comparison
The Difference Lies in the Bean-Like Hole

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