My Vidoejet Shows Valve Open Circuit

When we receive the refurbished Videojet inkcore, sometime we don’t install it immediately, instead, we wait till the old inkcore runs out of time and then replace it. You may wonder, if I install the inkcore 3 months later, will you cover it if problems arise. The answer is, yes sure we will cover it. When you run across problems when you install the inkcore, please feel free to drop us some pictures or videos to illustrate the issue, we got your back bro.

In fact, here are some of the common questions that are asked when my clients install the inkcore. I will write down the solution to each problem briefly so that you can have a basic check when you run accross similar problem.

  1. No ink is coming up. After months sitting still, the ink drop dries and may cause blocking in the inkcore, we could flush the tubes and valve and then check again. If you purchase an inkcore without pump, please check if the pump works well too. Most of issues are caused by dried ink drops.
  2. My videojet printer shows open circuit. We need to check two spots for this issue. Firstly we take a look at the inkcore board, is the pin that bridges the inkcore board and the valve properly connected. If yes, then we need to check if the valve works fine. We need a multimeter to check the valve’s resistence value, if you can see the value of 72Ω, then the valve is fine and we need to continue to check the mother board. Here are a picture mapping where the valves lie.
map of the valves in Videojet inkcore

Above are the two frequently asked questions, usually it just need a thorough cleaning then problem solved. If the problem is more complicated than that, please feel free to drop us visual material and we will try our best to fix it.

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