Exclusive Tips for Refurbished Printhead Purchase

Refurbished parts are always tricky, especially those with more than one gadgets in it. Take a refurbished printhead for example, there are tube, valve, filter in it, if we don’t check them one by one clearly, we may end up with a printhead with minor defect.

Here are two exclusive tips that you will find helpful when purchase a refurbished printhead. Let’s start with something easy first.

The printhead filter. For some reason, this printhead filter is easy to be pierced off. We have to take a close look at it.

Then comes the more advanced part, the valve. We have to open the valve and check if the inner core is there. You may wonder how could the valve core be missing, I share the question with you. I don’t know why this happen, but it happened before, so despite we need to make some effort to open the valve, it’s all worth to exam this part.

Last but not least, some of you may need the 3 way connector, it’s not part of the printhead, but we will send it along with the refurbished printhead if you need it.

Hope you will find these three little tips helpful.

If you are interested in our refurbished Markem Imaje, Linx printhead, or have any questions in mind, please feel free to contact us.

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