Tips to Purchase the Right Markem Imaje Crack Board

As no longer before, I was promoting the crack board of Markem Imaje. Due to the RFID chip price increased sharply since February, many clients start turning to crack board, instead of continuing purchase the ink/make up RFID chips.

One particular client caught my attention and here I would like to share this case.

MB175 Crack Board

Client seems to worry about quality a lot, the first thing he asked is about after sales service and will the board totally workable on Imaje printer. Then I ask the three questions, as I already know where he is from, I ask client to provide me info of printer model and what model of ink he is applying now.

During the conversation, client revealed he purchased some crack board before, but unworkable on his printer, however, his supplier claimed the boards are fine to others. So I insist client should provide me with every detail about the printer, better with pictures. From the information given by client, my technician find out it’s applying a special ink on the printer, so we need to modify data in the crack board program, then the crack board can communicate with the main board.

Imaje Crack Board

After this incident, it reminds me of the crack board expire date problem. I told my clients the crack board will extend the expire date automatically, but actually it’s not. We need to adjust printer time before the crack board expire date. And I think one client is still unhappy with me for this expire date problem. So I guess communication is very important between supplier and client, between supplier and technicians. Let’s learn from the past and be a better supplier/smarter buyer.

Markem Imaje Crack Boards
Markem Imaje Crack Boards

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