What You See Is What You Get

I used to tell my customers what you get is what you pay for, but when I start to get inside the refurbished continuous inkjet printer parts/printer trade, I find this is not always true, because what you finally get, may not be what your saw nor paid for.

There is one customer contacted me lately, who was looking for brand new print head. I quoted both brand new and used print head price to customer, attached with brief condition info and a few detail pictures of the used print head. Despite the price gap between brand new & used part is rather distinctive, customer still choose the brand new one, which intrigues me.

After chatting with customer for a while, he revealed his unpleasant used/refurbished part purchasing experience to me, which summarize to a word, tempted by nice picture & lower price of the used parts, but not getting what was shown on picture, get hurt & never buy used parts ever again.

It seems no better way to make sure you are getting what you pay for, unless you march down to your supplier’s office and monitor the whole packing delivery process. Or, you could find a reliable supplier like us. My manager used to work as continuous inkjet printer technician for more than a decade, savvy in CIJ repair service & has wide connection with other technicians. Guarantee all used/refurbished parts/printers are tested before delivery, provide 6 months warranty. Contact for more info now.

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