Linx CJ400-The Second Lightest Continuous Inkjet Printer Ever

As we have been offering maintenance work in factories for 12 years, we can’t overlook the fact that workshops are becoming more compact, more flexible. Due to high workshop rent, higher company expenses, we need to produce more to stay in business.

So here comes the compact form of continuous inkjet printer, Linx CJ400, which is easy to maintenance, easy to relocate and easy to use.


Easy Maintenance

  1. Printhead cleaning-every 3 months
  2. Service Kit-just follow the replacement guidance on screen
  3. Answers to standard question will be provided on printer

Easy to Relocate

  1. Weight-13.5kg (including liquids)
  2. Can be relocate to anywhere on production line

Easy to Use

  1. Up to 3 lines, height from 1.8mm to 8.8mm
  2. 62 um Nozzle, save up to 40% consumables
  3. Up to 4 printing speed
  4. Store up to 1000 info
  5. Colored touch screen

We supply CJ400 service kit with maintenance code & other CJ400 spare parts, check on Ebay now.

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After Holiday, The Continuous Inkjet Printer Stops Working

When you come back to work after a wonderful holiday, a faulty continuous inkjet printer could really spoil your day. Instead of grouching, we should do something to solve this problem.


Under normal circumstance, if you stop your continuous inkjet printer for 3 days, probably the nozzle will be blocked, especially for printers apply with high cohesive ink. Therefore, we need to dissemble the nozzle and clean it thoroughly, then the printer will start to work as usual.

CIJ Spare Parts
CIJ Spare Parts


Are there any ways to prevent nozzle from blocking? Yes, sure there are

  1. If you could drop by workshop from time to time, then we could start the continuous inkjet printer to print 2~3 times a week, about 1 hours per time. Then we could keep the printer from stop working for a long period.
  2. If you are not able to drop by and turn the CIJ printer on & off, then the ink & solvent should be removed before you set off for holiday.If you are not able to drop by and turn the CIJ printer on & off, then the ink & solvent should be removed before you set off for holiday.

Continuous inkjet printer is actually a delicate machine, with careful maintenance, we could not only extend the CIJ printer life span, but also keep it in excellent performance.

For compatible/refurbished maintenance spare parts, please check on our ebay store for price. If you need more info about continuous inkjet printer, please fill in below form, we will contact you asap.

What’s the Three Main Advantage of Linx CIJ Printer

With all different continuous inkjet printers to choose today, how should we choose the right one for us? Should we choose the new CIJ brands from China, which are cheaper, or shall we stick to long standing continuous inkjet printer brands like Linx, Videojet, Markem Imaje, Dominio, Hitachi…?

As far as I concern, each inkjet printer has their own merit. For Markem Imaje, you could have a unit double jet printer; for Hitachi, it’s well known for long lasting life span with only a few spare parts to maintenance. Now let’s look at one of the most widely use CIJ printers, Linx, to find out what makes it stand out.

  1. Substrate. Linx continuous inkjet printer can be applied on different substrates, such as glass, plastic, metal(can).
  2. Speed. The max printing speed of Linx can reach 9 meters/second.
  3. Maintenance. With tightly sealed print head, freeing you from frequent cleaning work.
  4. Installation. Only 25kg, you could move the Linx printer anywhere along the production line. Very suitable for small workshop. Besides, the installation process is much easier than installing a laser printer.
  5. Liquids. Match with various common black ink, colored ink, UV ink…
  6. Info storage. You can store settings in printer, and Linx can generate unique tracking codes.

From tracing marks on egg shell to dates on the bottle of milk, continuous inkjet printers play an important role in industrial field. Visit our website for more info about used Linx printer, compatible spare parts, refurbished spare parts, codes.

Here are the hot sale maintenance spare parts for Linx CIJ.

Filter Kits (5 pieces)


Pump Head


original damper refurbished

CJ400 Service Box

Hazardous Yes, But We Always Deliver

We all know CIJ ink & make up belongs to hazardous items, which means it’s not easy to ship such explosive babes. Don’t worry, we are able to deliver.

Necessary Certificate:



Capable Shipping Agent:

With permit to transport ink & make up

Declare exact product name on B/L, AWB

Documents We Provide:

Commercial Invoice

Packing List


Self Declaration(if needed)

What Should You do:

Make sure your import agent is able to clear custom

Common Transport Methods:

Large volume of liquids: by sea

Medium volume of liquids: by air/courier

Small sample volume for testing: courier(TNT/Fedex)

What If Something Happen During Transport:

Our shipping agent will provide necessary documents, all you need to prepare is for custom clearance

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