What’s The Largest Capacity Of CIJ Ink Cartridge You Ever Seen

If you are thinking Domino 1.2 liter cartridge, try think out of the box a little bit.

25 liter

The largest capacity of ink cartridge I ever seen is of 25 liter. Huge barrel and total stunning at first sight. Then coming with 20 liter and 15 liter.

15 liter

Why we have such gigantic ink cartridge? This is made per customer requirement. Some clients are able to fill ink in empty cartridges, so they prefer purchasing the liquids in bulk, when they receive the ink, then can start sub-packing the liquids by their own.

1.2 liter

If you feel like such large volume of ink purchasing suits you most, please feel free to contact us. Offer empty cartridges, caps too.


Compatible Empty Cartridges & Caps

Domino: White/Orange cartridge 825ml/1200ml

Markem Imaje: 800ml/1000ml

Videojet: 825ml

Hitachi: 1000ml

Linx: 500ml

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