Hazardous Yes, But We Always Deliver

We all know CIJ ink & make up belongs to hazardous items, which means it’s not easy to ship such explosive babes. Don’t worry, we are able to deliver.

Necessary Certificate:



Capable Shipping Agent:

With permit to transport ink & make up

Declare exact product name on B/L, AWB

Documents We Provide:

Commercial Invoice

Packing List


Self Declaration(if needed)

What Should You do:

Make sure your import agent is able to clear custom

Common Transport Methods:

Large volume of liquids: by sea

Medium volume of liquids: by air/courier

Small sample volume for testing: courier(TNT/Fedex)

What If Something Happen During Transport:

Our shipping agent will provide necessary documents, all you need to prepare is for custom clearance

Contact us & check out our CIJ liquids.

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