If I Send You A Chip, Can You Crack It

The answer is no.

I mean, we do crack certain chips and main boards, but it does not mean we could crack any chips or boards. Why? It’s all about demand and supply.

Unlike sales driven companies, we take full responsibility of what we said and promised. Being a down to earth company may lead to loss of margin now, but we care about you and our long term interest.

Imaje Crack Board
Imaje Crack Board

We are happy to hear you sharing new printers, new technology pop up in your area. It is remarkable that you keep an eye on local market and pick up the trend even if it’s just getting started. We appreciate your professionalism & good will of sharing. In return, we will do whatever we are able to help, withbin our capability.

Linx Main Board Cracked

Let us know your questions and see what we can do together.

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