How Much You Know About Domino Consumable Product Name

Continuous inkjet printer consumables are so frequently use, that we barely give a thought to their product name. Do you know the feature of ink is integrated in the ink item number? Let’s take Domino as example and have a look.

The most good sale Domino ink is IC270BK IR270BK MC270, IC292KB IR292BK IC292… Do you find a pattern, IC IR MC BK keep popping up repeatedly, what do they mean.

IC means ink cartridge 825ml

IR means ink tank/reservoir 1200ml

MC means solvent

WL means cleaning liquid

BK means color black

Domino IC & IC Cartridges
IC & IC Cartridges

Then what does the number means, does it mean ink made of different ingredient? Yes, you are half right. It’s a subtle number, take 292 for example.

The first number 2 stands for MEK base material, which is standard ink

92 means ink number, with certain ingredient

So now we can understand MC270 means Domino solvent/make up for 270 standard MEK base black ink.

Isn’t it fun to know that.


C&Y supplies compatible consumables for CIJ printer such as Domino, Linx, Markem Imaje, Videojet, Hitachi… All consumables are MSDS, SGS certified. Also we have long term cooperation shipping agents who are able to deliver liquids from 1 kg to more than 5 cbm. Please fill in below form and contact for more information.

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