How to Define “Original” Videojet Ink-Core

When we order continuous inkjet printer spare parts, suppliers would love to use the word “original”. It’s a magic word, “original” spare part, with 1/2 or even 1/3 of original price. Though we may have doubts in mind, how could this ever possible, but again, you are asking a supplier from China, maybe everything is indeed possible. With a little luck mind, a deal seal.

VJ Ink Core
VJ Ink Core

But is this really a good deal, or eventually it will lead you to endless complaint? Well, I think there is one thing we all know in mind that original CIJ spare parts, only come with original price. The so call “original” by many suppliers, is not a full description of what they are selling, something is left unsay.

Videojet Inkcore Testing
Videojet Inkcore Testing

Take the Videojet ink core for example, it’s one of the most “original” inkjet printer spare parts claimed by suppliers, we manage to get three different conditions of it, all of them could broadly be called “original”.

  1. Real Original: we purchase the ink core from local dealer
  2. Real Original Refurbished: it is original indeed, but used. We collect second hand original parts, refurbished it till it performs good, then sell it.
  3. Suspicious Original: come from unknown source, claim to be original.
Three Ink Cores
Three Ink Cores

As for as I am concerned, original refurbished spare parts are cost effective for most of clients, even the shell appearance shows history, the gadgets inside work perfectly well.

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