Comply to Safety Policy Strictly & Stay Health Equals Earning More

For we who work with the continuous ink jet printers, inhaling the funny smell of liquids is not avoidable. Apart from the unpleasant odor causes great stimulation to our lung, the ink & solvent smell has bigger potential hazardous to our health. The cause lies in the chemical element Ketone, which is the base of every CIJ ink & solvent.

What can we do despite there no way to avoid contacting ink jet printer make up and ink? Well, at least we could comply our maintenance process according to the safety warning in user manual strictly. It can help us prevent further unnecessary physical contact with the liquids. I just simple leave listing all of the do’s and don’ts behind here, you could check out all of the notes on your user manual in safety section.

Now here comes the traditional Chinese way that we believe can lessen harm to our body.

  1. Drink more water. Water helps flushing hazardous items out of our body.
  2. Drink chrysanthemum tea. We believe chrysanthemum tea is good for liver, which is an important organ to detox.
  3. Drink honey tea. Put a spoon of honey into your cup of tea or coffee, it could nurture our whole body from inside to outside.

In the end, health is the biggest fortune we ever have. Let’s keep the continuous ink jet printer as well as our body maintained.

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