Linx 7900 Pressure Control System

If there is something wrong with the continuous inkjet printer printing effect, what factors will you check first? Is pressure data & viscosity data your answer? Why will we look into these two factors instantly? let’s take a deeper look into the printing mechanism to find out.

Let’s take Linx CIJ 7900 as example. To start with, let’s get straight the relationship among four technical words, pressure, viscosity, speed, time of flight.

Linx CIJ Pressure System

They work and affect each other so a CIJ printer can print smoothly. If we slow down printing speed, which means ink drop will have more time to fly from printhead to substrate, therefore time of flight increases. To make this happen, continuous printer will adjust to less pressure, and increase viscosity. Likewise, if we speed up printing, time of flight decrease, pressure raise up and viscosity drops.

Linx Pressure Transducer
Linx Pressure Transducer

Below is the diagram of Linx CIJ 7900 pressure control system, we could see clearly how pressure is adjusted. In this pressure system, pressure transducer plays a vital part in it. For more information about Linx 7900 pressure transducer, please kindly check on Ebay, or fill in below form.

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