2019 Comes to an End & We Thank You for All Your Supports

How time flies, 2020 is on the way now. We lay every cornerstone step by step in 2019, and we sincerely thank you for your trust and support all the time.

We start to export our compatible/refurbished/original continuous inkjet printer parts from scratch. From having a plain website, to set up Ebay store; From making mistakes now and then, to know how to ask key questions before unhappy feeling is generated; From being just a supplier who sells, to a friend that listen and solve problems together.

Apart from thanking our clients’ support during 2019, without who we will not be able to make it today, we also sincerely thank our hard work colleagues, who delicate their knowledge & hard working to everything.

Let’s say good bye to 2019 and welcome happy, healthy, wealthy 2020:)

The Advantage of Ink-jet Printer Compare to Printing Machine

Ink-jet printer is a marking machine that works in a non-contact way, controlled by software programming. It can be broadly categorized in three types, continuous ink-jet printer, drop on demand ink-jet printer & laser printer.

Videojet Used 1510 Printer

Ink-jet printer distinguish itself in the following aspects.

  1. Printing words are clear and can last for a long time
  2. Once programmed, man supervisor is not necessary
  3. Can print on various substrates
  4. Fake proof mark printing available
  5. Wording size & plate type can be revised by program

Please feel free to contact us if you want to know more about ink-jet printer.

The Cost Effective Way to Repair a Domino Pump

When you start to find that the Domino continuous ink-jet printer pressure reading is beyond standard range, the most likely reason is that the pump is wore out. As it grinds non stop right after printers turned on, pumps wore out is a universal scene.

23511 Domino Pump Gear Kit

Here we suggest a cost effective way to solve this problem, we don’t need to purchase another pump, or send the pumps to our workshop for repair, by only replacing the gear kit in it, all done. By the way, the gear kit is less than 0.5kg, it helps to save delivery fee too.

23511 Pump Gear Kit

Sounds great? Just one more thing, though all the Domino pump gear kit calls 23511 by item number, it’s different between gear kit for Domino A Series and GP Series, please let us know which set do you need.

Continuous Inkjet Printer Pigment Consumable

Apart from common black ink, which is most commonly seen on different substrates like carton, wooden box, make up packing, etc, color pigment is another minor yet import consumable that fills the gap where black ink is not capable to be printed on. For example, on wire with color plastic coating, on colored electronic spare parts, auto spare parts… pigment of color white, yellow, red, blue are of particular vital, for they could clearly shown.

Markem Imaje Crack Board/Override Board

However, the pigment consumable is higher in density than black ink, therefore needs special designed continuous inkjet printer as well as extra care in maintenance for them. Markem Imaje 9450 is an excel CIJ printer models for pigment consumables. We provide crack boards for it, if you are interested in it, please fill in below form and contact us.