Continuous Inkjet Printer Pigment Consumable

Apart from common black ink, which is most commonly seen on different substrates like carton, wooden box, make up packing, etc, color pigment is another minor yet import consumable that fills the gap where black ink is not capable to be printed on. For example, on wire with color plastic coating, on colored electronic spare parts, auto spare parts… pigment of color white, yellow, red, blue are of particular vital, for they could clearly shown.

Markem Imaje Crack Board/Override Board

However, the pigment consumable is higher in density than black ink, therefore needs special designed continuous inkjet printer as well as extra care in maintenance for them. Markem Imaje 9450 is an excel CIJ printer models for pigment consumables. We provide crack boards for it, if you are interested in it, please fill in below form and contact us.

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