Don’t Buy Hitachi CIJ Printer

Please think before purchasing a Hitachi CIJ printer, because it’s too robust and doesn’t need your attention.

HX Hitachi CIJ Printer

Hitachi CIJ printers are always renowned for their robustness, but how exactly robust are they? Please check on below picture. The HX model is still working without any problem. We maintain this printer only once in a while, it never troubles us much and just keep working without failing.

For those who are passionate in finding out what’s inside a Hitachi CIJ printer, you will find it’s so minimal, with minimum spare arts and consume minimum liquids. It’s like the Hitachi printer just want to quietly inkjet, no attention is required.

So think before you purchasing a Hitachi printer, it will make you re-think what’s the right retirement time frame for a CIJ printer.

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