We Managed to Deliver & the Parcel is Received

I’m not going to lie, delivery of CIJ liquids such as ink & solvent is complicated, though we can provide necessary documents such as MSDS & SGS to shipping agents, not all of them are willing to carry black/pigment ink, let alone transparent solvent.

Due to the rocket high delivery fee increase recently, we recommended a customer to deliver his liquids by sea, for his shipment is around 1 cube meter, so the only shortcoming of sea shipping is long delivery time. There is little option left for us to choose, under the deliver situation in mid May. However, in early June, the ship arrived on time, custom clearance takes a long time without exact timeframe. I called shipping agent to check with latest update, but was told to wait every time.

In mid June, my customer contacted me that as business is re-opening in his place, he needed the ink urgently & can’t wait for custom clearance anymore. So we decided to deliver a new parcel of ink & solvent either by air or express, not as much as 1 cube meter, but enough for him to continue business for a while. After an arduous negotiation with the courier agent, we finally managed to put the CIJ liquids on board & customer just informed me he received the parcel.

Now everything is changing fast, we have to adapt to the current situation & make calls fast, also better bear a backup plan in mind. We always care for our clients’ needs first & offer affordable solution when come across problems.

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