Compatible Linx Spare Parts for 7900 Available

Apart from most commonly sold compatible spare parts for Linx 4900 5900, such as the filter kit, the LCD display, power supply, pump, 3-way connector, 2-way connector, 4900 keypad, 5900 keyboard membrane etc, we have the new model 7900 compatible spare parts available too.

7900 is a rather new model, if you do not know the part number, no worries. Please send us the picture of the spare part you are looking for. We will find out what you are looking for & quote to you.

Linx 7900 Spare Parts
Linx 7900 Spare Parts

All compatible Linx CIJ spare parts are tested & quality proofed before launching into market, come with a three months warranty. We hate after sales problem as much as you do, so we send pictures to you before packing & delivery, if you receive items which is not the same as shown on picture, please contact us asap & let’s find out where goes wrong.

Contact us for more info.

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