Used Linx 7900 Printer & Related Parts For Sale

Used Linx7900 Continous Inkjet Printer

Apart from compatible Linx CIJ printer spare parts, we also sell used/refurbished Linx printer, printhead & mother boards

Right now we have some 7900 in stock, if you are going to replace your printer or change a printhead, or upgrade a mother board, please feel free to contact us.

All refurbished printer & spare parts will be tested & clean thoroughly before delivery. We always pack the parts with great care, however, there were times that the printer/part got damaged during transportation & it’s always difficult to make an insurance claim for second hand items. However, if the courier company shows mercy, the pictures & video play will definetly help to get our money back.

Used 7900 Testing Video

Price of refurbished printer & parts various from time to time, it highly depends on the market’s supply & demand. If you are going to ask us for a whole list of refurbished Linx printer, Imaje printer, Domino printer etc, I’m afraid that’s not a smart move, for one thing, price is affected by how many pieces of the printers are available in the market, for another, used printers with different condition, such as how many hours have they been running, the condition of the pumps and filters, also distribute to the difference in cost.

If you are looking for a refurbished part, you could tell your supplier to keep an eye on it. If you need it urgently, then better pay without hesitation; if you can afford to wait for a while, then you could pay later and see if market supply surpluses demand. But please please don’t ask us why the price is different than the last time you quoted to me, because, it’s the market & the refurbished printer/part itself that play an important role in the price setting, not us. Hope you could understand.

Please feel free to contact us if you are looking for refurbished/compatible continous inkjet printer parts.

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