Linx Compatible White Pigment Targeted Wires Is Delivered

Apart from providing standard black ink to Linx CIJ printers, we actually have compatible white pigment too. We did sold some of the white pigment to clients before, but the result is not so satisfied. There were feedback that the white pigment ink is not so adhesive on the surface of wire, which causes problem to our customers.

After getting these feedbacks, we didn’t just sit there & did nothing, instead, we see the market potential for white pigment so we urged the technician of liquids to modify the ingredients, to make the white pigment more adhesive, more user-friendly to wire.

Technican keeps modifying the ingredients of Linx white pigment & we keep testing different version of it on our domestic clients. After a long but resultful experiment trial, we are finally able to say, that we have a compatible Linx white pigment targeted on wires, which performance is very close to the original one. Of course price is higher than the not-improved white pigment.

We are happy that after detail explanation, our first carton of special white pigment targeted on wire was delivered. It really make us feel all the hard working is appreciated in the end.

Here are the most commonly asked questions regarding the white pigment

  1. How could I store it–just put them under room temperature, do not need to put them in refrigerator.
  2. How could I use it–please shake it for like 30 seconds until the oily, watery & white segment mix up with each other.
  3. Expire date–the white pigment can last for 12 months, but works best in the first 6 months.

If you have more questions, please feel free to contact us for more info.

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