Potential Problems of Our Compatible Markem Imaje Pressure Pump

the height should be 3.5cm

This is a sequence post of my last post What If the White Pigment Markem Imaje Shows No Pressure.

The thing is, after my client, let’s call him A, told me that the pump was no long working, we sent a new one to him and he was kind enough to send back the faulty white pigment pump to us, for our technician wanted to check the pump by himself to see where went wrong. Suprisingly, the pump worked perfectly when we tested it on our Markem Imaje printer. So it remains a unsolved mistery why it didn’t work on my client’s printer.

Then last Friday, A told me the pump went faulty again. 😦 I feel awkward since I really don’t know why the new pump goes wrong, and the problem may not lies on the pump. So I asked our technician is there any potential problems that A can check on site? Above picture is the answer.

The gap between the flange & the magnetic range(sorry for not giving the technical name of these two parts, but you know what I mean, right) should be 3.5cm. You could try fix the hight of the gap and check if the magnetic range is properly installed.

If you already purchased from us, or are going to purchase a pump for Markem Imaje white pigment CIJ printer, please feel free to contact if you have any questions.

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