The LCD Doesn’t Light Up, Do I Need To Buy A New One?

Hi Connie, I’ve installed a new mainboard in my Markem Imaje 9040 printer, then the LCD & the fan stop working anymore, does it mean there is something wrong with the mainboard, would you please quote a refurbished one to me?

No rush my friend. Don’t sentence the mainboard so fast, it may just has some communication issues with the connection board, since it belongs to another printer before.

It’s like connecting your TV set with a new remote control, you have to build a bridge to enable them to understand with each other, then you can switch channels with the new remote control. Likewise, when you install a refurbished mainboard to another printer, you have to teach/program it to speak the same languague with the printer, only after that can the mainboard sends directions without any languague barrier.

So how could we build the communication bridge? Firstable we need a USB that come with the printer, then save the printing matrix info, and now we can start to refresh the printer system by the program inside the USB. Simple right.

If I haven’t explained this detail enough, or you wonder what’s the program, please feel free to contact us. It can save some dollars if we just need to fix the boards straight, instead of buy a new one.

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