Compatible Markem Imaje Pigments for Sale

Various ink and colored pigment compatible to Markem Imaje for sale. Compatible RFID and crack boards available too.

White Pigment & Black Ink with RFID
RFID for MW460 White Pigment

Please feel free to let us know the liquid model number, or better, you could tell us where you are going to apply the liquids on, what color is it, and of model is it. Then we can deliver the right ink/solvent with RFID tag to you.

I know some of you may raise some questions now, can I just purchase a RFID, what’s the shelf life. Well, sure we can sell the RFID seperately, normally speaking, our compatible ink RFID expires in 18 months, whilst the solvent RFID expires in 24 months.

Now comes to delivery, which is the difficult part. We will provide MSDS for customs clearance, no worries about that. But, both sea shipping and Fedex/DHL/UPS increased their price to sky high, which is real big problem. Anyway, as we can do nothing about the extreme delivery fee, what we can do is to take everything into careful account, including import tax(if you are allowed to import ink/solvent), local Miscellaneous fees etc, and see if it worths import ink/liquids from abroad.

I personally think that purchasing compatible RFIDs or crack boards is a smarter move now, they are light and small, easy to deliver. And can prolong the working hour of the ink/solvent.

For more questions, please feel free to drop us an inquiry.

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