Blue is Blue

About 3 months ago, Jack asked me the price of compatible Markem Imaje blue ink for PE. I quoted and then there is nothing from Jack till yesterday. He showed me the below picture and asked if I can deliver some blue ink asap.

The “Blue Ink” Bought by Jack

I wonder where he got this picture and Jack starts to tell me about the “blue ink” that he bought from others. He compared several quotations and decided to buy a few samples from the best price supplier. When the blue ink reached at his workshop, he found that the blue ink comes with a very unpleasant smell and is not as blue as he thought. It’s like a darker blue very close to black. He doesn’t think that he can continue to work with such “blue ink”.

Our Blue Ink

I check with my 3-month old quotation and despite the raw material price increased a little, we manage to keep the price same as before with Jack increases his order quantity. Both of us are satisfied with the order.

From Jack I know why some clients never reply after I sending them the liquids’ quotation. Our price may not be the best among all the suppliers, but I’m certain that we will not sell unqualified items and we are looking for long term business.

For more information, please feel free to contact me.

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