Follow Up of Why Our RFID Cost More

In early July, we’ve received feedback that our RFID price is redicuous high compared to others. We are suprised at first, and then lower our price, as the USD to CNY is getting better. However, even if we try our best to lower our price, we are not able to meet the target price my client told me.

There must be something different, so I ask my client to help to send me some pictures of the cheaper RFID he got. Ah, here lies the difference.

If we look closely, we will notice that there is small difference between the RFID circled in green and orange. A small logo in the center is missing in the RFID circled in orange. But this is only a minor difference on the appearance. The main reason that causes the huge price gap lies in material. We apply imported blank RFID tag to program, whilst the cheaper one is not.

We understand that in current economic situation, we all have to put cost into prior consideration. Now, we will sell the RFID circled in orange with your target price, but will not recommend it. In the meanwhile, we will continue our RFID at higher costs. I think it would be suitable for all clients.

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