A Question About MB175 RFID

“Hi Connie, we have purchased a new Markem Imaje 9410 printer, please send me MB175 and A188 RFIDs, it needs RFID to work now” , said my client Jenny. I know Jenny’s factory uses 5157 and 8188 for years, now it must bought a new Markem Imaje model.

I sold quite a lot compatible MB175 and A188 RFIDs, but when it comes to a NEW printer, a questions pops in my head. How new is Jenny’s MI printer? So I asked Jenny to take a picture of the new printer.

Markem Imaje 9410 CIJ Printer with 8.3 Version
Markem Imaje 9410 CIJ Printer with 8.3 Version

It’s a 9410 with 8.3 version software, which means our compatible RFID won’t be able to work on such advanced MI printer, nor the crack board. So I told Jenny that sorry we are not able to help this time. 😦 The alternative way is to send us the main board, then we down grade its software to 7.2 version, which is a common practice in here, but not acceptable to Jenny’s tech.

When we order RIFDs , please take the printer software version into consideration, do ask your supplier what’s the highest verion that RFID can work on.

If you have any questions, please feel free to drop us an inquiry.

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